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Consultations & Workshops

 • Foundations in Person-Centered Planning •

• Person Centered Ways to Build Community • Strategic Planning •

• Process Facilitation • Leadership Development and Systems Change •


Jack Pearpoint & Lynda Kahn


Jack and Lynda together share a passion for life, as husband and wife, and as partners in their work as creators of books and learning materials that assist people experiencing disability to live full lives. They share a wealth of knowledge and skill developed through experience as executive leaders in government and non-profit organizations, as educators, and as facilitators of processes of collaborative change. They are capable of guiding plans for positive change in back rooms and board rooms of agencies and governments. They sit comfortably at kitchen tables, in basements and maraes, with families and friends, neighbours and community members. 


Their work as consultants, educators, and facilitators takes them all over the world. Lynda & Jack design workshops and processes that meet the unique needs of organizations and teams; they teach the processes they have developed and continue to create.  Strategic planning, visioning and leadership development are more than topics.  They are among the array of resources offered to individuals and organizations who are committed to co-creating the futures we want, and building a just world where communities welcome the gifts of all.