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July 11-16


1.    What is the schedule for the TSI?

Please take a look at the Schedule and Format for the Week

We start July 11, Saturday evening at the Price Center East Ballroom with a buffet Dinner to welcome everyone!   (so instead of dinner Saturday evening at the Canyon Vista Dining Hall, our meal is all together for everyone registered for the TSI!)


  • 5:45 pm ‘South of the Border’ themed Buffet dinner opens
  • 6:00 pm Institute Registration opens at the Price Center, 
  • Foyer of the East Ballroom
  • 7:00 pm Welcome and Opening Ceremony, East ballroom Price Center 

All Saturday evening events are at the Price Center East Ballroom
#12 on the campus map for the location of the Price Center on campus. 

2. How do I get to UCSD????

Please see San Diego Transportation Options.

3. Where do I check-in when I arrive to get my room key for the Warren Apartments and meal card, since I am staying on the UCSD campus?

The Canyon Vista Administration Building/ Warren Conference Desk, located at the Warren Student Activities Center, 3320 Voight Drive, La Jolla, California.  

•    We suggest drop off or park in the turnaround for 5 minutes (or reserved 20 minute parking if not full). Walk into Canyon Vista Administration Building/Warren Conference Desk to check in and leave your items in the J. Kevin Wood Lounge (our “Hospitality Lounge” for TSI). 
•    After drop off, head to parking lot or parking structure you have chosen(permits are required; see below) and return to get your things.

Warren College Apartments and the Dining Quarters at the Canyon Vista Dining Hall is also in this area of campus.  The Brennan Hall is the building where most of our housing is located within the Warren Apt complex.  See the campus map for the location and further directions.


4. Whom do I notify if I am arriving late, after the hours of 10:00 pm?  Where do I check-in?

1. You must notify Cathy Hollands if you are arriving after 10:00pm in advance of the TSI.  Cathy will be advising Housng and the late check-in desk of all anticipated late arrivals (after 10:00pm).  E-mail cathy@inclusion.com
AND you need to call when you are enroute:
2. Please call  858-534-4165 just before you arrive, ‘The Village’, the late check-in desk, so that someone from Housing can meet you with your room key and meal plan card at the: 
Canyon Vista Administration Building/ Warren Conference Desk, 3320 Voight Drive to check you in.  


5. How do I purchase a ticket for the Saturday night, July 11 dinner for a friend, partner, or child travelling with me but not registered for the TSI?

You can purchase a ticket at the event for $25.00 from Cathy Hollands for Guests.  Please let Cathy know if you are bringing guests. That will help with planning the catering!  You can purchase the ticket(s) on site Saturday night or in advance.
Please RSVP if you are bringing guests to Cathy: cathy@inclusion.com

• Tickets and RSVP are not required for anyone registered for the TSI.

6. Where do most of the events take place at the start of TSI and daily for the morning opening and end of the day plenary sessions?

The Price Center East Ballroom, 9500 Gillman Drive, La Jolla CA  92093.  Please see #10 on the campus map for the location of the Price Center in campus.

7. Where are my meals on campus?


The Canyon Vista Dining Hall. Located very near the Warren Apt complex.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included with your accommodation at UCSD. 

8. Can I purchase meals on campus if I am not staying in University housing?

Meals can be purchased a la carte from the Canyon River Dining Hall for any meal.  There are also several eateries in The Price Center for coffee, meals and snacks.

Pricing is as follows for a la carte at the door:
Breakfast - $9.15, 
Lunch -        $13.93
Dinner -      $16.72.  Adults will have tax added to each meal.
Juniors (7-10 year old) and Children (3-6 year old) are priced lower.

9. Are there regular dining hall hours for our group attending the TSI?

Yes we have one hour set aside for the folks attending the Institute.  The hours of the cafeteria are from: 

  • 7:00-8:00 am BREAKFAST
  • 12:00- 1:00 pm LUNCH
  • 5:30 – 6:30pm DINNER

10. Do I need a car to get around on campus?

No, you do not need a car for the Institute and getting from the campus housing to the Price Center.  It is essentially a pedestrian campus with paved walkways.

11. How long a walk is it from the Warren Apartments and Canyon River Dining Hall to The Price Center?

It is a ten minute walk (stroll).

12. Where do I park on Campus if I do have car?  What is the cost of parking?

Parking Permits are required for parking on campus. Once a Permit is purchased, you can use it in any parking lot or parking garage/parking structure.
1-Day Permit: Can be obtained at the pay stations near the Warren Apartment Complex check-in desk or at the various parking lots. 
Avoid buying the Permit at parking structures (Hopkins, Gilman, Pangea) because parking permits are twice as expensive when purchased at the parking structure.
5-Day permit: Please visit the Gilman parking structure office on level 2. Short-term parking is available near the office for conducting business at the parking office.  Business hours are: 
7:00 am-5:00pm M-F, except Wednesday when they open at 9:00 am instead, and they can be reached at (858) 534-4223. 
Since the UCSD online webpage for parking permits is not functioning correctly, the parking office will honor the prices listed online when you purchase the Permit at the Gilman Parking structure office.

See additional information including online pricing

Gilman Parking Structure is the closest to the Price Center.  
NOTE: There is not overnight parking at Gilman.

The Hopkins Parking Structure is closest to the Warren Apartments.  Overnight parking is available there.

There is an open, general parking lot P 502 that has limited availability and is nearest to Warren Apts of any parking lot and does allow overnight parking.

13. Is there internet?

There is complimentary wireless in the UCSD housing.  There is also Ethernet cable access in the apartments.  We would recommend you bring your own Ethernet cable to ensure access.  The UCSD does Not rent cables.

14. Are there any hospitality places to gather in the evenings for people attending the TSI?

Yes, the JK Wood Lounge will serve as our Hospitality space.  It will be available on Friday as most people are checking in, where you can leave your bags short-term. The JK Wood Lounge is next to the Canyon River Administration Building/ Warren Conference Desk.

It’s a BYO snacks and BYOB kind of gathering space.  As this year there’s coffee at breakfast in the Canyon River Dining Hall we will not be putting up pots of coffee in the Hospitality Lounge.

15. Are there ‘special events’ already planned?


Saturday evening Welcome – Price Center
– 5:45 pm  - Buffet Dinner : “South of the Border” themes buffet!
- 7:00 pm   – Welcome Ceremony

• Sunday evening after dinner – the Beach Party! 

• Tuesday evening after dinner –7:00 pm – One Woman Play (See the description)

• Wednesday evening  - 8:00 on (after dinner) 
–    the Superhero Party  - dress as your personal Superhero - BYOB 
See the Invitation!


16. Is there coffee/tea on Sunday when we are all together for the day?

Yes, on Sunday, July 12, there will be tea and coffee and cool beverages, water and fresh fruit throughout the day.  We suggest folks in residence take advantage of the meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

17.  What is my cost if I lose my room key?

Lost key charges for room keys are $155! We will have to charge you personally for any lost room keys, so we urge you to keep track of them! 

18.  What is my cost if I lose my meal card?

A lost meal card replacement is $3.00 and will be charged back to you.  Don’t lose ‘em please!


19. Is there an iron and iron board available?

No, and there isn’t one available from the Warren Desk either.  Extra towels are! 


20. Is there a coffee maker or any kitchen cookware in the university housing?

No, there is no coffee maker in the apartments.  There is a refrigerator and stove.  Coffee abounds in the Canyon River Dining Hall nearby.  The UCSD apartments share a bathroom, kitchen and living room.  There is no silverware, cookware or plates and cups in the apartments.


21. What should I bring with me?

An open heart and open mind!  Your creative spirit.  Curiosity! A willingness to take stretch into meeting new people from around North America, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands and Mexico, and engaging in conversations that matter!

An extra bit of space in your luggage for books and maybe some sand in your shoes!

Many people like to bring their own sketchbooks to doodle and draw as they listen and engage at the Institute.

Be thinking about something you might like to offer in the weekday afternoon Learning Marketplace (open space) 
Or about a Question you are carrying and something you’d like to learn more about

If you play a musical instrument, please bring it!  There’s a very impromptu ‘house band’ that emerges! 

There is a great opportunity to reflect ‘out loud’ about your gifts, talents and contributions in the world and express them on Wednesday night at 8:00pm, July 15, when we all gather to celebrate the week and one another at the “Super Hero Party”.  Please see the flyer and invitation for this event! Come with costume or accessories!