One Woman Play

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One Woman Play


Love, Sex, God & Autism


A one-woman show, written and performed by

Chantal Sicile-Kira


Special Event:  Tuesday 7:00 pm – Price Center – East Ballroom (our regular meeting room - 70 minutes)


Jeremy wants love and sex; doesn’t everyone?  Love, Sex, God & Autism, is the hysterical and heartbreaking personal account of a young man’s quest for love, and his mother’s attempt to help him attain what we all wish for: true love  (or at least sex). In her one –woman show, Chantal humorously and lovingly wrestles with the trials and tribulations of one family’s attempt to support their teenager’s transition into adulthood, despite the fat that he is “not like the others.” Along the way, life-changing gifts are discovered, affirming the family’s belief that being “not like the others” can sometimes be a blessing.