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The Summer Institute is about bringing people together in the spirit of Inclusion. Here's what a few of our past participants have had to say about it. 


"Most training programs treat participants as clients.  And as we all know, people learn the least when they have no active role and are merely consumers.  The Summer Institute is the great and grand exception to typical training programs.  The Institute is intentionally designed to create a learning, sharing forum where everyone contributes and everyone learns. It is for this reason that I find its participants the liveliest learners and the most influential activists in the course of inclusion." – John L. McKnight

“It’s been such a friendly, supportive community. I’m ready to go home – but I wonder what will happen if I go home and try to be friendly to others like it’s been all week over here.”

"Coming to the Summer Institute is like putting your mouth in front of a fire hydrant – you just try and catch all you can!”

"I left feeling rejuvenated, validated, exhausted and full of possibilities."

“I loved being somewhere where you don’t have to defend or apologize for your own views.”